Strategic Planning

The Corporation has developed a 6 years strategy (2017-2023) which aims to inculcate high performance culture and optimize organizational efficiency in the delivery of the Corporation’s products and services. This strategy took cue from the fact that the Corporation in 2009, set itself a Big, Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) of seeing that there is “a roof over every Motswana by 2023”. This goal strongly advocates for decent and affordable housing. In its quest to live up to this goal, the Corporation’s strategy is aligned to the Eleventh National Development Plan (NDP 11), as well as the adopted Habitat III and the New Urban Agenda. Through the 6 years strategic plan, the Corporation sought to address the following:
i. How it can engage in joint ventures and partnerships with development organizations/ agencies/NGOs in carrying out developments in the country.
ii. The best possible way to optimize Government legislative and policy support, to ensure effective discharge of the extended scope of work, including innovative mechanisms that could be        employed for sustaining the Corporation’s commercial and social housing mandate.
iii. The most effective mode of engagement with critical stakeholders, such as the Botswana Power Corporation, Water Utilities Corporation, the relevant Ministries and Government Departments for joint planning since they are key partners in the delivery of the much needed critical infrastructure. The need for effective coordination between the parties cannot be overemphasized, as it promotes effective coordination of infrastructure development activities including housing.
iv. Developing a strategy that would guide the Corporation on how to enhance the effectiveness, timeliness and robustness of its key activities and processes as well as ensure a coordinated approach to value creation. 
v. How it can position itself and assume its rightful place as Government’s best advisor on national housing in Botswana through policy advocacy and delivery. Further serve as the Executive Agency for implementing the Government’s programmes, thus allowing the Ministry to focus on policy development and regulatory issues as it oversees the driving of the entire value chain for the delivery of the building infrastructure.
The Corporations strategic plan (2017-2023) has a total of eleven strategic areas. These priority areas include;
Improving project delivery success
Establishing Partnerships and Joint Ventures
Focusing on targeted designs
Serving the unserved customer segments
Exploring alternative technologies
Being innovating around procurement methods
Intensifying research
Improving stakeholder relationship management
Effective cost management
Ensuring business sustainability
Developing high performance culture