I have seen empty flats around and I want to rent one of them, how do I go about it?
You cannot identify a vacant flat anywhere at BHC estates and propose to rent. There are a number of reason as to why it could be vacant and in most cases, BHC is aware of the units, which are vacant. In addition, BHC has a way of disposing such flats. 
What happens to the houses that are returned to BHC?

For transparency purposes, vacated properties are advertised through the print media i.e. newspapers for prospective purchasers to respond through a tendering process. 

Does BHC involve their tenants on any new developments?

Usually, tenants meetings are held every quarter at various locations to address issues and give updates concerning any new developments. Stakeholder meetings that are addressed by the CEO are also held frequently to give updates.

I have long bought a BHC house through TPS; I have not received my account balance statements from BHC. What do I have to do to get my account balance statements?

The Corporation sends out the account statements on a quarterly basis. To get one you need to contact or visit nearby BHC office. 

How long does BHC take to respond to the clients correspondences? When will BHC respond to the client correspondents/application?

The BHC acknowledgements are done within 14 days. 

Does BHC allow house swapping?

It is possible to swap and tenants who wish to swap BHC properties can do so if written consent is obtained from BHC Property Management. However, BHC will only facilitate the swap and will not under any circumstances identity the house, which you wish to swap with.  In addition there is an affordability test required before the process.

If I am transferred to another area for work, am I allowed to leave the house with a friend to live in while I am away?

A tenant is only allowed to appoint a caretaker for a period not more than the term of the lease when he/she (or the immediate family members) is not in physical occupation of the property. Caretakership arrangement covers tenants who have temporarily relocated due to temporary transfer (work) or for further studies. 

I want to transfer the property I currently occupy to my brother. What are the requirements?
Lease agreement is a personal contract; tenancy is only transferable upon BHC approval and to immediate family members on the following conditions;
  • Upon death of a legal tenant 
  • With the consent of the legal tenant provided the person whom the property is being transferred to is above 21 years of age and is a resident of Botswana, after passing credit vetting and there is a valid lease agreement. 
Does BHC allocate house to individuals to rent?
BHC builds houses for rental and allocates them to individuals, Corporate, Government, Councils and Parastatals. However allocation of houses is subject to availability. 
I have long applied to buy a BHC house in 1992. I would like to know how far I am on the waiting list.
BHC does not keep a waiting list anymore; however an applicant register is normally complied whenever there is a new project. The project is normally advertised through the media first. 
What are the requirements for one to qualify for a BHC rental/sale house?

For individuals provide the following:

  • Certified copies of identity cards 
  • Certified copies of marriage certificate or Decree Absolute where applicable 
  • Latest pay slip and six months bank statements 
  • Valid work and residence permits for non citizens 
  • ITC clearance 

For companies:

  • Certificate of incorporation 
  • List of directors(form 2) 
  • Share certificates 
  • Latest company returns or proof of submission 
  • Three months bank statement with audited financial reports or six months bank statement with audited financial reports or six months without audited financial reports Surety
  • Identity cards and sureties 
  • Rental will be payable quarterly in advance 
  • ITC clearance certificate 
Moreover, the application will be subject to the Corporation's credit policy as well availability. 
Can I erect a shed for my small business (e.g. Tuckshop/ Salon) on the residential property I am renting?

As per planning regulations and lease agreement, the property should be used for residential purposes only. In addition to that, there is a possibility of the electricity is not allowed as electrically for BHC is meant for domestic use only, tapping it does not only put the household at risk but the BHC property as well.

As a tenant am I allowed to do any alterations or additions to the property?
Permission should be sought from landlord (BHC) at all times before doing any alterations/additions to the property.BHC discourages alterations on rented properties because the properties are meant to be standard for future tenants who may have different needs from the current tenant. 
As a tenant, am I allowed to vacate a BHC house as and when I wish?

It is the requirement of the lease that each party will give each other a month notice if the tenancy has to be terminated for whatever reason. This gives BHC and the customer a chance to plan for a joint physical inspection and ensure that utilities are fully paid for by the outgoing tenant. In addition, this month notice period gives BHC time to decide what to with the property while the tenant also arranges for alternative accommodation.