27 Feb 2020
This morning the Corporation's Chief Executive Officer, Mr Reginald Motswaiso attended the Jwaneng Town Council Full Council to brief councillors about the status of the housing development at Unit 1, which was constructed sometime in the mid 1980s.
The development commonly known as Samaphaleche was first constructed in 1984 to accommodate Government departments staff as well as Local Authorities, Corporates, private entities and individuals. Motswaiso shared that the development has a total of 180 units and spread across all the entities mentioned above.
The BHC CEO said that when the development was first set up, it was in accordance with the times and economic conditions of that time. He however acknowledged that due to the passage of time the development not at par with today's standards. He said that BHC's plan is to demolish and build proper housing units commensurate with today's living conditions. He said that in a meeting held last December between BHC and local authorities it was agreed that land needs to be identified to relocate the residents to allow for the development to be demolished and pave way for a new one which also will be determined once all stakeholders have agreed on the best possible option for the residents. He further advised the Council to profile their tenants to determine their requirements in case of considering them for an initiative such as SHHA turnkey which is another Government housing initiative targeting low income groups. Other stakeholders whom their staff occupy the development will also be consulted regarding this issue he pointed out.
Currently the Corporate charged an average rental price of P174.00 per unit at this development which hasn't been increased in a very long time despite the escalating cost of maintaining these units.
In closing it was agreed that the committee overseeing this task would provide regular briefings with regards to identification of land to expedite the whole process which would see residents being relocated through SHHA turnkey.