10 Oct 2019
The Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing Development's Youth Pitso is currently on going in Palapye at BIUST public gathered to discuss among others issues surrounding best practices in Construction that could be utilized to capacitate youth business to become better contractors.
Minister V.T Seretse touched on a number of essential tenets for a successful career in the Construction Industry.He mentioned that one need to be well disciplined, passionate and have all the appropriate skills to make it in the field. He said a number of failed projects is due to lack of requisite skills.He further professed that continued professional development is key to be successful in the fast growing field of Construction.
The Minister also implored the Youth to look beyond Botswana's boarders for employment and business opportunities. He said observation of laws and other legislatives,ethics put in place to regulate construction should be fully adhered to.He cautioned the Youth to avoid corruption motives at all times.
In his closing he called on the Youth to set up entrepreneurial ventures.He however acknowledged that not everyone has entrepreneurial aptitude hence he encouraged those without to seek employment in entities run by fellow practitioners.
Lastly the Minister expressed satisfaction with regard to the projects awarded under the 15% Youth Reservation Policy.
The forum continues with open discussions and different presentation by entities like CIPA,PPADB and others.