07 Oct 2019
This morning Botswana together with the world commemorated World Habitat Day under the theme "Frontier Technologies as an Innovative Tool to Transform Waste to Wealth.
This year's commemoration was held in Hukuntsi Village in Kgalagadi North. Speaking at the ceremony, the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing Development, Hon. Vincent T. Seretse decried waste as one of the challenges plaguing our settlements. He said that we cannot claim to have habitable shelter when it is surrounded by waste in all its forms adding that this is the reason why the world has placed waste management issues at the centre of current debates on urbanization.
Seretse further pointed out that the Government encourages and supports the use of technology for the betterment of our environment and creation of wealth. He urged members of the community to take advantage of research institutions such as BITRI to find how we can transfrom waste into use by-products which in turn can be a mechanism to turn waste into wealth, while at the same time improving our shelter.
In conclusion Minister Seretse said that we have come a long way as a country and continue to make strides to lives of citizens by improving housing situation and well as the management of waste.